Blog Title: Your HVAC System Can Enhance Sleep Photo: Someone who cannot sleep

Your HVAC System Can Enhance Sleep

October 10, 2022

Let our qualified technicians at Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning inspect, clean, and, if necessary, repair your heating and cooling system. Your HVAC equipment will operate at peak efficiency and with minimal sound after a tune-up.

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Blog Title: How to Set Your Programmable Thermostat Photo: someone setting a thermostat

How to Set Your Programmable Thermostat

September 29, 2022

Naturally, anything can be confusing at times, so feel free to contact our qualified Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning team members with any questions you may have about your programmable thermostat.

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Blog Title: What Is the Difference Between Single-Stage and Variable-Speed ACs? Photo AC Unit

What Is the Difference Between Single-Stage and Variable-Speed ACs?

September 9, 2022

At Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning, our professionals want to help with all your HVAC needs. Keeping your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency helps control the energy expenses in your North Carolina home, maintain your indoor air quality, & reduce your carbon footprint.

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Carrier 120th Anniversary

Carrier’s 120th Anniversary

August 26, 2022

Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning has a team of certified experts that provide quality service. To learn more about Carrier Products, call us today! If you need to schedule maintenance, you can call or request service online.

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Summer Savings Tips for AC

July 15, 2022

AC takes the edge off the hot months—but its energy usage can sneak up on you. Cooling costs comprise about 13 percent of the average family’s energy spending per year, according to ENERGY STAR®. For that reason, many Statesville customers want tips for reducing cooling costs. 

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Woman standing in front of fan blowing cold air.

Why Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

May 31, 2022

It’s about to heat up here in Statesville. Make sure your air conditioner (AC) is primed for the North Carolina summer heat rays by scheduling a seasonal maintenance visit. 

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Happy woman operatinig a ductless AC unit while sitting on the couch.

Carrier Named Best HVAC Company of 2022

May 3, 2022

Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning proudly offers a wide range of Carrier products to Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding areas. Contact Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning for information on Carrier products. Call 704-873-1749 or request service online today.

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5 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

5 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

April 29, 2022

So, you’re looking for a new heating or cooling system.

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What Is a Ductless System?

What Is a Ductless System?

April 15, 2022

Ductless systems can be the perfect answer for that room which is never quite cool enough or for that new addition you are building. It’s a low-maintenance and affordable option to upgrading to a newer air conditioning unit when more cooling is needed inside your Cornelius home. 

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4 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Air Filter

4 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Air Filter

March 30, 2022

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) filters and the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield have a lot in common. They both can tout, “I don’t get no respect!” Most people do not realize how pivotal the HVAC air filter is to both their homes and their HVAC systems. 

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