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What Are the Signs I Need a New Furnace?

January 7, 2019

A new furnace is a big investment and can be a heavy cost for any homeowner. It may be hard to make the decision to replace your current furnace, but every furnace will need to be replaced at some point in a home’s life. How do you know when it is time to say goodbye…

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What Does AFUE Mean?

December 21, 2018

While an air conditioner’s efficiency is measured by its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, an electric or gas- or oil-fired furnace’s efficiency is measured by its AFUE, or Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This standard measurement is given in percentages, letting you know how much of your fuel is actually used to heat your home…

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Why Is My Thermostat Blank?

December 17, 2018

It’s an “Oh no!” moment when you approach your home’s thermostat and see its screen is blank. Is it serious? Does it mean your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning is broken? Not necessarily. In fact, most of the time, it’s something minor and can be easily fixed. Here are some of the most frequent…

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Why Is My Heat Pump Making Loud Noises?

November 30, 2018

Heat pumps can be expected to make some noise. However, unusually loud noises point to a problem. If your system is reaching decibels impossible to ignore, you should turn it off to prevent further damages. Then give Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 704-873-1749 to schedule a repair visit. We’ll be able to…

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What’s That Smell Coming From My Furnace?

November 21, 2018

If your furnace is producing a strange scent, you should always treat it with caution. While the cause for the odor may be benign, it could just as easily be harmful to inhale. When in doubt, always open windows to ensure ventilation, and evacuate your home. For your convenience and protection, our Griffin Heating &…

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Furnace Flue Tips

October 19, 2018

What is the Furnace Flue? The furnace flue is a pipe or vent that expels exhaust from your home. It keeps you and other people in your home safe from breathing harmful gases. In addition to air quality hazards, some of the fumes are flammable. The exhaust prevents these gases from coming into contact with…

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Five Factors to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump

October 11, 2018

So, you’re looking to invest in a heat pump. You’re not alone – many Americans are making the switch. Why? For starters, they’re generally more efficient than a traditional heating or cooling system. What’s more, they offer both heating and cooling, so they’re versatile. At Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning, we like to help our…

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Fall Indoor Air Quality

September 27, 2018

With fall just around the corner, cooler temperatures will be here to stay. This transition from one season to another most definitely affects your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), and your IAQ directly affects your comfort in your home. In cooler weather, people tend to spend more time indoors at home, so it’s important to…

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5 Reasons to Schedule a Fall Furnace Clean and Check

September 21, 2018

Once the cooler weather hits here in Statesville, NC, this fall, you are going to want the inside of your home toasty and comfortable. This means turning on your furnace. Long before the first night you’ll want it, you should have your furnaced cleaned and checked by a professional from Griffin Heating & Air Conditioning.…

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Benefits of Ductless Systems

August 22, 2018

Originally from Japan, ductless heating and cooling was introduced to the US about 30 years ago. Sales and popularity have been growing since then. It is an efficient and quiet alternative to traditional central AC and other traditional home heating and cooling options. Why Should I Install Ductless Heating and Cooling?   1. Saving Money…

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