Furnace Flue Tips

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What is the Furnace Flue?

The furnace flue is a pipe or vent that expels exhaust from your home. It keeps you and other people in your home safe from breathing harmful gases. In addition to air quality hazards, some of the fumes are flammable. The exhaust prevents these gases from coming into contact with the open flame on your fuel-powered heating system.

What can go Wrong with it?

When it comes to furnace flues, you should be on the lookout for clogs. Clogs or blockages can be caused by a variety of culprits. Over time, condensation can constrict the passageway. Additionally, foreign objects such as birds nests and leaves may find their way in there. Heavy snowfall can also be the enemy of air passage.

What can I do to Prevent Problems?

Above all, you should be conscious of anything with the potential to obstruct your flue. Here are some key steps you can take:

Keep the Area Around the Flue Clear

If your flue is on the side of the house, be sure to keep the area relatively tidy. Be conscious of any sticks, dirt, or leaves that may find their way into the exhaust pipe. If snow levels get high during the winter, be sure to shovel snow out of the area. You don’t want your exhaust pipe to get buried!

Have It Cleaned

Anytime you’re getting a new furnace installed or moving homes, you’ll need to have a professional clean your flue. After years of use, the inside of the pipe becomes lined with sediment. Doing this ensures a safe transition for you, your home, and your heating system.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Visits

Furnace maintenance is the number one way to prevent future problems. During a visit, your technician will be able to identify potential issues with your unit’s exhaust. Additionally, he or she will examine the furnace pressure switch. The pressure switch will automatically turn your unit off if it isn’t expelling exhaust properly.

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